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Disadvantages of spiral chutes

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Release time:2023-07-16 author:huang

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Disadvantages of Spiral Chute: 1. Product Introduction: A gravity beneficiation equipment that utilizes the inertial centrifugal force that occurs during the spiral rotation movement of mineral slurry to separate light and heavy mineral materials. 2、 Technical principle: The fiberglass spiral chute separator can be freely placed on a cross (or tripod) on a support table. Equal slurry is slowly fed onto the surface of the rotating groove through the feeding chute installed at the head of the spiral groove, and sorting is carried out. The tail is equipped with a valve type product selection slot, which divides the selected equipment into three (or four) categories according to grade along the radial direction. Change the cutting width of each product by adjusting the orientation of the valve block. The equipment gathering bucket is a concentric circular tube that allows the obtained multi-directional mineral flow to be densely drawn out. The cross-section of the spiral chute and the slope change of the curve are particularly suitable for the separation of fine particle materials. The disadvantages of the 螺旋溜槽的缺点 spiral chute are three. Advantages and characteristics: 1. It is stable, easy to operate, and has a large density range. 2. The material processing yield is large, the enrichment ratio is high, and the recycling rate is high. 3. The space occupation is not large, the water consumption is low, the structure is simple and simple, and there is no need for power. 4. Easy installation, easy operation, low investment, and fast returns. The drawbacks of spiral chutes are that they are all composed of a feeding device, a cross (tripod), a feeding groove, a rotating groove, a receiving groove, a gathering bucket, and a groove pillar. 5、 Use This machine is suitable for separating iron, ferrotitanium, ferrochrome, ferrosulfide, zircon, Rutile, monazite, phosphate rock, tungsten ore, tin, tantalum niobium, tantalum niobium and other non-ferrous metal ores, rare ore metals and non-metallic minerals with specific gravity difference from 0.3-0.02mm fine materials. Disadvantages of Spiral Chutes 螺旋溜槽的缺点 Disadvantages of Spiral Chutes


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