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What is the working principle of a stone drum sand screening machine? How to prevent blockages?

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Release time:2023-07-16 author:admin

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I believe everyone is familiar with stone materials, and we can see them everywhere in daily life, and their load-bearing functions also vary greatly. For example, small stones for park paving, as well as stones used in engineering projects. For stones of different sizes, they are all mechanically processed. In the process of processing and processing materials, there is a stage of screening, which involves screening out some non compliant materials from the stone material. The sand screening machine is such a device, with different models and functions. There is a specialized screening machine for stone materials, which is the stone drum sand screening machine. So what is the working principle of the stone drum screen? How to block it? After reading the introduction below, everyone will understand.

Introduction to stone drum sand screening machine

In fact, this equipment is a type of equipment for screening materials, with a simple structure and efficient screening ability, which is highly popular among users. This equipment can screen various materials, and the stone drum screen is a device for screening stone materials.

Working principle of stone drum sand screening machine

When it comes to the working principle of this equipment, it is actually very simple. Firstly, the material enters the equipment through the feeding port, and the equipment has a drum device. In the drum device, the material is constantly flipped up under the drive of the drum, and then falls due to gravity. Subsequently, some materials smaller than the sieve hole will fall out of the sieve hole, while large pieces of material will be left in the drum.

Due to the continuous upward movement of materials in the drum, the sieve holes will not be blocked by stones. This is why the stone drum screen will not be blocked, and it is precisely because of this advantage that the equipment is more valued by users.

Of course, some drum screens will further screen the materials and classify them according to their size, which is customized according to user needs.

Through the above introduction, I believe everyone is familiar with the working principle of the stone drum sand screening machine and also understands how this equipment can prevent blockages. However, as a user, in order to effectively improve the effectiveness of screening materials, it is necessary to purchase mechanical equipment. Only by selecting the right manufacturer can one purchase equipment that is suitable for oneself. However, it is not easy to choose from many manufacturers in the market. Jinqiang Mining Equipment Company is trustworthy and has many years of experience, which can better assist users in providing equipment and services, making users worry free.


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