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What are the parameters of the sand drum screening machine? What should I pay attention to when purchasing equipment?

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Release time:2023-07-16 author:admin

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Sand is very familiar to everyone, and we can see this type of material everywhere in our daily life. Whether in parks or on the streets, there are instances of such materials, especially in construction projects. However, for the use of such materials, screening is also necessary, and materials that meet the conditions can be better applied. So, during the sand production process, sand making enterprises often rely on equipment to screen sand. What are the parameters of the sand drum sand screening machine? What are the issues to pay attention to when purchasing such equipment? With these questions in mind, we will proceed with the following explanation.

1. What are the parameters of the sand drum screen?

In fact, there are many types and models of sand drum screens, and their respective parameters are many. The so-called parameters refer to the type of material that the equipment is suitable for production and the size of particles that are suitable for screening. The following are the models and parameters of various drum screens displayed, which you can refer to.


From the above information, I believe everyone has some understanding of the parameters of the sand drum screen, and everyone is also aware of the parameters of different models of this type of equipment. But when users want to choose devices, they still need to pay more attention to some issues, in addition to parameters, they also need to be optimistic about the manufacturer's selection. 2. What should I pay attention to when purchasing equipment?

The sand drum screen produced by good manufacturers has stable quality and a relatively low probability of failure during operation. Compared to these equipment manufacturers in the market, there are also quite good ones, with Jinqiang Mining Equipment Company being one of them. This manufacturer has many years of production experience and an experienced after-sales team, which can better help users overcome difficulties.

Have you all understood the parameters of the sand drum screen through the introduction of this article? To purchase good equipment, users not only need to understand their actual needs and customize the equipment according to their own needs, but also need to find a good manufacturer. Only good manufacturers can reassure users.


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