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What is the quotation for the stone drum screen? How to maintain it well?

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Release time:2023-07-16 author:admin

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The sand screening machine is a type of equipment that everyone is familiar with, and it has outstanding screening ability, which can better screen materials. There is more than just one type of screening equipment in the market. Multiple models of equipment are used for screening different materials, such as stone drum screens. This is a mechanical equipment used for screening stones, so what is the quotation for stone drum screens? How to maintain it well? Let me give you a detailed introduction about this.

Quotation for Stone Drum Screen

When it comes to this type of equipment, the prices in the market can be said to vary from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. For different models and types of the device, it can be suitable for different scenarios. When users purchase equipment, it is also necessary to customize and select models according to their own needs.

How to maintain it well?

The maintenance of the stone drum screen, a mechanical equipment, needs to be carried out from multiple aspects and angles. The following maintenance suggestions are worth referring to:

1. When starting the equipment, it is necessary to first open the cage drum screen and then open the feeding equipment. If the machine is stopped, the operating sequence is the opposite.

2. During the first three days of operating the equipment, it is necessary to inspect the cage drum screen to see if the fasteners meet the standards. The abnormality of this device requires immediate resolution and cannot be delayed.

3. Bearings, gearboxes, and other devices require regular lubrication checks to see if they are being refueled or replaced. For example, for large shaft bearings, it is necessary to use No. 2 lithium based grease, which is usually added every two months. Each bearing needs to be inspected on an annual basis.

4. If the equipment needs to be discontinued for a long time, then when the user needs to restart using the equipment, it is necessary to inspect the insulation of the motor, which can avoid the occurrence of the motor being burned.

What is the quotation for the stone drum screen? How to maintain it well? Through the above introduction, I believe everyone has gained some understanding of this. Simply put, many users are concerned about the issue of device prices, but in fact, this is a practice of putting the cart before the horse. Good equipment and good service are what users need to pursue. Only based on good equipment and good service can the processing of materials be better, achieving user satisfaction, and the sales price will also increase. On the contrary, the market competitiveness of users will also decrease.

What is the quotation for the stone drum screen? How to maintain it well?(图1)What is the quotation for the stone drum screen? How to maintain it well?(图2)What is the quotation for the stone drum screen? How to maintain it well?(图3)

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