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What is the principle of a household waste drum screen?

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Release time:2023-07-16 author:admin

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There is still a lot of garbage generated in daily life, and the daily disposal of garbage is the responsibility of the company. When dealing with garbage, in order to better screen, mechanical equipment is used to improve efficiency, and the drum screen for household waste is one of them. For users, they may not be very familiar with this device, so what is the principle of a household waste drum screen? If you want to know this information, let's take a look below.

Introduction to Domestic Waste Drum Screen

In daily life, garbage is very common, and people constantly find ways to deal with it. In order to improve the efficiency of garbage treatment, the use of mechanical equipment is very common, and screening machinery is also used by people. For screening machinery, the household waste drum screen is a commonly used type of screening equipment, with a simple structure, efficient operation, and outstanding garbage treatment effect.

Principle of Domestic Waste Drum Screen

In fact, for this type of mechanical equipment, many people often refer to it as a garbage rotary screen, so the operating principle of this type of equipment is as follows:

Firstly, the garbage that has undergone crushing treatment will be transported into the drum. Under the continuous operation of the drum device, the garbage will be subjected to centrifugal force and jigging, and under these effects, it will be screened. For materials with larger particle sizes, they will move forward along the edge of the drum and pass through the corresponding sieve to be screened out.

Secondly, these waste materials have different sizes and will enter different funnels after screening. At this time, the materials can be manually moved or transported to the finished product pile by gravity.

Scope of use of household waste drum screen

This kind of mechanical equipment is mainly used for screening many materials such as domestic waste and Construction waste. Especially in terms of handling household waste, the performance of this equipment is also very outstanding.

What is the principle of a household waste drum screen? After reading the above article, everyone should have some understanding of this issue. In daily life, there is a lot of garbage generated, and it is common for garbage disposal units to choose mechanical equipment to improve treatment efficiency. However, the selection of equipment is also tricky, and it is even more important to choose the right manufacturer. In this regard, the screening equipment produced by Jinqiang Mining Equipment Company is worth choosing. This equipment not only has good quality, but also has excellent after-sales service, which is worth choosing.

What is the principle of a household waste drum screen?(图1)What is the principle of a household waste drum screen?(图2)What is the principle of a household waste drum screen?(图3)

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