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Impact crusher

Impact crusher

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Impact crusher

Impact crusher Equipment and materials

Feed particle size:12-160t/h

Equipment processing capacity:30-600t/h

Production materials:River pebbles, mountain stones (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, stone chips

Impact crusher Device image




Impact crusher Equipment

1、 Characteristics

1. The structure is simple and effective, and the operation cost is low.

2. High stack density, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

3. It has the function of crushing and fine grinding.

4. It is less harmful to the moisture content of raw materials, and the moisture content can reach around 8%.

5. It is more suitable to crush harder, harder, and raw materials.

6. The product has excellent particle shape, appearing as a cube with low needle block composition.

7. The self lining of the centrifugal impeller has minimal damage and is easy to maintain.

8. The noise level during work is less than 75 decibels (db level).

2、 Application scope

1. Manual sand making of cobbles, stones (dolomite, granite, limestone, Gabbro, Diorite, etc.), iron ore tailings pond, sand gravel.

2. Water conservancy and hydropower engineering, highways, highways and railway lines, high-speed railways, highway bridges, aircraft runways, municipal road engineering, mechanical sand and stone production and manufacturing of multi-layer buildings, and sand and stone material shaping and beauty in the engineering project industry.

3. Production and manufacturing of engineering construction stones, road fabric, foundation cushion materials, asphalt mixtures, and cement concrete stones.

4. The processing technology of grinding front-end crushing in the coal industry, as well as raw material crushing in the fields of decorative building materials, metallurgical industry, chemical plants, mining, fire-resistant and insulation materials, concrete, wear-resistant materials, etc.

5. High erosion and secondary disintegration crushing, Fossil fuel power station, industrial desulfurization, slag, engineering construction domestic waste treatment and other environmental projects.

6. Production of Laminated glass, quartz sand and other high-purity raw materials.

3、 Working principle

The raw materials fall vertically from the upper end of the equipment into the high-speed centrifugal impeller. Under the effect of the rapid Centripetal force, they are separated from the other part of the raw materials around the centrifugal impeller in an umbrella way to cause rapid collision and breakage. After the collision between the raw materials, they will be swirled between the centrifugal impeller and the housing for several times to collide and rub with each other, and then be discharged directly from the lower side, The cable digital TV cycle system is generated for several times, and the particle size distribution of finished products is regulated by the screening equipment.

Vertical axis impact crusher (sand making machine) has" Stone to stone" And" Stone Quenching" Two forms," Stone to stone" Used for the production and processing of raw materials with strong corrosion resistance& Quot; Stone Quenching" Used for the production and processing of raw materials with low corrosivity," Stone Quenching" Type ratio" Stone to stone" The water cement ratio of molding is 10-20% higher.

Impact crusher Technical Parameter


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