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What is the principle of a mining drum screen? What are the advantages of mining drum screens?

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Release time:2023-07-16 author:admin

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I believe everyone is familiar with sand screening machines. This is only one type of sand screening equipment, which has different varieties and characteristics. However, with the passage of time, some specialized sand screening equipment has emerged, and the mining drum screen is one of them, with many outstanding characteristics. Although this type of equipment is very popular in the market, some knowledge about this equipment is not yet well understood, such as what is the principle of mining drum screens? What are the advantages? For friends who are not very familiar with these issues, you can take a look at the introduction below.

Principle of mining drum screen

During the operation of the equipment, materials enter the equipment and roll up and down under the drive of the drum. The materials are affected by gravity and centrifugal force, and the materials on top will fall down without blocking the sieve holes. Centrifugal force can smoothly exclude materials that meet the particle size requirements. The drum screen has different mesh designs, so it can classify and screen materials to meet user satisfaction. In addition, some screening machines can re feed large pieces of material into the crushing device for screening after crushing.

What are the advantages?

We have learned about the principle of mining drum screens from above, so it's time to talk about the advantages of this type of equipment. Generally speaking, the advantages of this device are manifested in the following aspects:

Firstly, the equipment uses a drum method for screening materials, so the material will not clog the sieve holes during rolling, which can greatly improve the screening speed of the material.

Secondly, the device is integrated, not only easy to install, but also quite simple to maintain, so the service life of the device is also very long.

Furthermore, there is an isolation cover outside the equipment, which not only isolates dust but also provides sound insulation, ensuring that users are not affected by noise and is environmentally friendly. It is worth mentioning that security has also been guaranteed.

What is the principle of a mining drum screen? What are the advantages? After reading the above article, I believe my friends are quite familiar with it. For users, they all want to understand the principle of the equipment in order to better play its role in processing materials. However, the purchase of this device also requires users' attention, and choosing a good manufacturer is the key. Compared to many manufacturers in the market, the relatively good one is Jinqiang Mining Equipment Company. The company has an outstanding service team that can solve various user problems, and therefore is highly praised by users.

What is the principle of a mining drum screen? What are the advantages of mining drum screens?(图1)What is the principle of a mining drum screen? What are the advantages of mining drum screens?(图2)What is the principle of a mining drum screen? What are the advantages of mining drum screens?(图3)

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