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Gravity beneficiation method for tungsten sand

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Release time:2023-07-16 author:锦强选矿机械

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Tungsten sand is an important metal mineral, which is widely used in aerospace, electronics, optics, metallurgy and other fields. The mining and beneficiation of tungsten sand is a complex project that requires the use of multiple methods for treatment. Among them, gravity beneficiation is a commonly used method. This article will introduce the operating steps and precautions of tungsten sand gravity beneficiation method.

1、 Basic Principles of Gravity Beneficiation Method for Tungsten Sand

The gravity beneficiation method of 钨砂重力选矿方法 tungsten sand is a method that uses the specific gravity difference of tungsten minerals to separate the minerals through gravity. In the process of gravity beneficiation, the specific gravity of tungsten minerals is greater than that of other minerals, so it can be separated from other minerals through gravity separation.

2钨砂重力选矿方法 II. Operation steps of tungsten sand gravity beneficiation method

1. Ore crushing: Crushing the raw ore into appropriately sized particles through a crusher for ore processing.

2. Ore classification: Classify the crushed ore for subsequent gravity beneficiation treatment. Usually, ores are divided into three stages: rough selection, intermediate selection, and selection.

3. Heavy medium separation: Place the ore in the heavy medium for separation. Heavy medium is a medium whose density is greater than water, such as Magnetite, Baryte, etc. Under the action of heavy media, tungsten minerals will settle to the bottom, while other minerals will float on top.

钨砂重力选矿方法4. Gravity beneficiation: Place the ore sorted by heavy media into a gravity concentrator for processing. Gravity concentrator is a device that uses centrifugal force or gravity to separate minerals. In a gravity concentrator, tungsten minerals are separated and collected together, while other minerals are eliminated.

5. Concentrate treatment: The tungsten mineral obtained from gravity beneficiation is treated as a concentrate to improve its purity and grade.

3、 Precautions for gravity beneficiation method of tungsten sand

钨砂重力选矿方法1. Selection of ore: Before gravity beneficiation, it is necessary to analyze the raw ore to determine the tungsten mineral content and grade. Only in ores with higher tungsten mineral content and grade can good beneficiation results be achieved.

2. Selection of heavy media: Choosing the appropriate heavy media is very important. The density of heavy medium should be greater than that of mineral, and there should be obvious density difference with other minerals in the ore.

3. Selection of gravity concentrator: Choosing a suitable gravity concentrator is also very important. Different types of gravity concentrators are suitable for different types of ores and need to be selected based on specific circumstances.

4. Operating precautions: When conducting gravity beneficiation operations, safety issues need to be taken into account. Operators should be familiar with the usage methods and operating procedures of the equipment, strictly follow the operating procedures to avoid accidents.

In short, the tungsten sand gravity beneficiation method is a commonly used beneficiation method, which has the advantages of simple operation and obvious results. When conducting gravity beneficiation operations, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of ore, heavy medium, gravity concentrator, and operating precautions to achieve the best beneficiation effect.

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