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Zirconium titanium sand selection plant test

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Release time:2023-07-16 author:锦强矿山机械

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Zirconium titanium sand is an important metal mineral resource widely used in high-tech fields such as nuclear industry, aerospace, electronics industry, etc. The beneficiation process of zirconium titanium sand is to separate impurities from the raw ore and obtain high-purity zirconium titanium sand products. This article will introduce the operational steps and result analysis of the zirconium titanium sand selection plant test.

锆钛砂选厂试验 1. Test Purpose

The purpose of this experiment is to obtain high-quality zirconium titanium sand products through the zirconium titanium sand beneficiation process. Through experiments, understand the physical and chemical properties of zirconium titanium sand, as well as the influencing factors during the beneficiation process, providing scientific basis for the production of zirconium titanium sand.

2、 Test materials

The zirconium titanium sand raw material used in this experiment comes from a certain mine. After preliminary crushing and screening, a raw zirconium titanium sand ore with a particle size of 0-15mm was obtained.

3、 Test method

1. Raw ore property testing

The physical properties of zircon titanium sand raw ore are tested, including Particle size analysis, specific gravity measurement, magnetic test, etc.

2. Test device

The 锆钛砂选厂试验 experimental device includes a vibrating screen, a spiral sorting machine, a Gaussian magnetic separator, a heavy medium sorting machine, and so on.

3. Test steps

(1) Raw ore crushing: Crush the raw zirconium titanium sand ore to obtain raw ore powder with a particle size of 0-5mm.

(2) Screening: The raw ore powder is sieved through a vibrating screen to obtain fine powder with a particle size of 0-1mm and coarse powder with a particle size of 1-5mm.

(3) Heavy medium sorting: The coarse powder is sorted through a heavy medium sorting machine to obtain zirconium titanium sand concentrate with a heavy medium concentration of 2.9g/cm3 and tailings with a light medium concentration of 1.8g/cm3.

(4) Gaussian magnetic separation: tailings are magnetically separated by a Gaussian magnetic separator to obtain magnetic substances with strong magnetic properties and non magnetic substances with weak magnetic properties.

(5) Spiral sorting: Non magnetic substances are sorted through a spiral sorting machine to obtain zirconium titanium sand concentrate and tailings.

(6) Property test of fine tailings: carry out physical property test of zirconium titanium sand fine tailings, including Particle size analysis, specific gravity measurement, magnetic test, etc.

4、 Test results

After testing, the grade of zirconium titanium sand concentrate obtained is 65.2%, and the weight recovery rate is 61.5%. The tailings have a grade of 7.3% and a weight recovery rate of 38.5%.

5、 Conclusion

High quality zirconium titanium sand products have been obtained through experiments in zirconium titanium sand selection plants. The test results show that heavy medium separation is the Committed step in the beneficiation process of zircon titanium sand, which has an important impact on the grade and recovery of zircon titanium sand. At the same time, Gaussian magnetic separation and spiral separation are also important means to improve mineral processing efficiency. This experiment provides a scientific basis for the production of zirconium titanium sand beneficiation.


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