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Extraction Technology of Zirconium Titanium Sand Ore

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Release time:2023-07-16 author:锦强机械

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Zirconium titanium placer is an important metal ore, which is mainly used to manufacture high-temperature alloys, aeroengines, nuclear reactors and other fields. Therefore, the extraction technology of zirconium titanium sand ore has become increasingly important. This article will introduce the extraction technology of zirconium titanium sand ore, including steps such as ore beneficiation, grinding, flotation, and heat treatment.

锆钛砂矿提取技术锆钛砂矿提取技术 1. Mineral processing

The beneficiation of zirconium titanium sand ore refers to the separation of impurities and useful minerals in the raw ore through physical or chemical methods. The purpose of mineral processing is to improve the grade and recovery rate of the ore. The commonly used beneficiation methods include gravity separation, magnetic separation, electric separation, etc.

锆钛砂矿提取技术 II. Grinding

Grinding is to grind the ore after beneficiation to a certain Granularity. The purpose of grinding is to improve the flotation performance of the ore and make it easier to separate. Commonly used grinding equipment includes ball mills, grinders, etc.

3、 Flotation

Flotation refers to a physical and chemical method that utilizes the affinity difference between minerals and bubbles to separate them. The flotation of zirconium titanium sand ore usually uses sulfides as collectors and oxidants as activators. Commonly used flotation equipment includes mechanical flotation machines, air flotation separators, etc.

锆钛砂矿提取技术 IV. Heat Treatment

Heat treatment refers to the high-temperature heat treatment of the flotation ore to decompose it into oxides, followed by water washing, acid washing, and other treatments, ultimately obtaining zirconium titanium sand ore. The temperature and time of heat treatment have a significant impact on the extraction rate, usually around 1200 ℃.

In summary, the extraction technology of zirconium titanium placer ore is a complex process that requires the comprehensive application of multiple methods. In actual production, appropriate extraction techniques and equipment should be selected based on the characteristics and process requirements of the ore to achieve efficient and low-cost extraction.

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