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The principle of sand gold screening machine and sand gold washing and recycling equipment

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Release time:2023-07-16 author:小编

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The placer gold screening machine is a device used for screening and recycling placer gold, widely used in regions such as Africa, Central Asia, and South America. In the past, when the domestic system of placer Gold mining was not strict, this equipment was widely used in China. Later, domestic mineral resources were strictly controlled, and most practitioners of placer gold mines went abroad to develop placer gold mines. Chinese people's overseas investment in mineral enterprises has also brought economic development to the local area, and domestic mineral enterprises are also well-known in the world. For example, gold placer practitioners can be seen in South Africa, Outer Mongolia and North Korea. They will also enter the industry and enjoy the dividends brought by the industry. For example, this year, the country purchased sand gold screening machines and sand gold washing and recycling equipment from Lusheng Machinery in Qingzhou. They go to different countries, but they all mine high-quality placer gold.

Let Qingzhou, a manufacturer of sand gold screening machines and sand gold recycling equipment, introduce its working principle to you.

The principle of placer gold screening machine and placer gold washing equipment is the same. They both feed the raw ore and transport it to the hopper of the equipment through engineering machinery. The hopper is cleaned with high-pressure water, and then the ore enters the separation screen for separation. If the mud content of the ore is high, a mud grinder can be installed to break the mud and mud balls. After sieving through the separation screen, there is also a high-pressure spray flushing system inside the separation screen, which flushes the mud attached to the stones, and then the cleaned stones are discharged, because there is no valuable gold ore in the sand gold ore stones. If it is a weathered sand gold deposit, the stone will contain gold, which can be crushed for recycling. If there is no gold inside the stone, it will be directly discharged. The sand containing gold will enter the recycling system to recycle the gold. The recycling system has multiple options, with a recovery rate ranging from high to low, customized according to the form of the customer's gold deposit.

Both the sand gold screening machine and sand gold washing and recycling equipment have power and water supply systems to ensure their normal operation. This type of equipment has strong durability and can create maximum benefits for customers abroad.

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