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Requirements for fineness of spiral chutes

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Release time:2023-07-16 author:huang

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The requirements for fineness of spiral chutes are as follows: 1. Equipment overview: A gravity beneficiation machine that utilizes the continuous centrifugal force generated by the slurry in the spiral rotary motion to achieve the separation of light and heavy minerals. 2、 The application technique is to set up the spiral concentrator, align it with the vertical line, use an iron frame or wood to fix it in a suitable position, and use a sand pump to deliver the ore sand to the two feeding ports on the top of the spiral. This involves supplementing water and adjusting the concentration of mineral slurry. The mineral slurry naturally rotates from high to low, and an inertial centrifugal force appears in the rotating slope flow rate, resulting in differences in density, specific gravity, particle size, and morphology of the sand ore, By obtaining the efficiency of gravity or centrifugal force through swirling flow, the sand and ore are separated, and the concentrate flows into the beneficiation hopper and is piped out. The tail sand enters the tailings hopper and is moved to the sand tank through a pipeline, and then discharged by a mortar pump, completing the entire beneficiation process. The requirements for fineness of the 螺旋溜槽对细度的要求 spiral chute are three advantages: stability, easy control, and a relatively large concentration range. 2. The production and processing yield of materials is large, with high enrichment ratio and high recycling probability. 3. Small footprint, low water consumption, simple construction, and no need for power. 4. Easy to install, easy to operate, minimal investment, and fast recovery of benefits. The requirements for fineness of spiral chute are 螺旋溜槽对细度的要求. 4. According to the size of processed ore, the chute can be divided into three types: (1) coarse chute. The maximum Granularity of ore feeding is above 2-3MM, and the maximum can reach 100-200MM. (2) Sand ore chute, processing 2-3 mm particle grade ore material. (3) Slurry spiral chute, feeding particle size < 0.074mm. 5、 Application: FRP spiral chute is suitable for separating fine iron, ferrotitanium, ferrochrome, ferrosulfur, sand tin, tantalum niobium, placer gold, coal, monazite, Rutile, zircon sand, rare earth and other metal and nonferrous metal minerals with completely sufficient specific gravity difference. Requirements for fineness of spiral chutes 螺旋溜槽对细度的要求 Requirements for fineness of spiral chutes

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