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Zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation method and steps

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Release time:2023-07-16 author:锦强选矿设备

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Zirconium titanium ore is a common metal mineral widely used in industries, aerospace, national defense, and other fields. Due to its complex composition and difficulty in separation, the zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation method has emerged. This article will introduce the gravity beneficiation method and operating steps of zirconium titanium for everyone.

锆钛重力选矿方法与步骤 I. Zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation method

Zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation method is a physical beneficiation method that separates zirconium titanium minerals. Its main principle is to use the different sedimentation rates between zirconium titanium minerals and other minerals under gravity, and separate zirconium titanium minerals through the separation effect of different gravity equipment. Common zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation equipment includes heavy medium sorting machines, spiral sorting machines, vibration tables, etc.

锆钛重力选矿方法与步骤 II. Zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation steps

1. Ore crushing: Firstly, the zirconium titanium ore is crushed to achieve the required particle size.

锆钛重力选矿方法与步骤2. Heavy medium separation: put the crushed zircon and titanium ore into the heavy medium separator for separation, and separate the zircon and titanium minerals by using the density difference of heavy medium.

3. Spiral sorting: The zirconium and titanium minerals that have undergone heavy medium sorting are placed in a spiral sorting machine for sorting, and the rotation of the spiral sorting machine is used to separate the zirconium and titanium minerals.

4. Vibration table sorting: Place the spiral sorted zirconium titanium minerals into the vibration table for sorting, and use the vibration effect of the vibration table to separate the zirconium titanium minerals.

5. Drying: Dry the separated zirconium titanium mineral to achieve the required content and quality.

3、 Precautions

锆钛重力选矿方法与步骤1. When gravity beneficiation of zirconium and titanium is carried out, appropriate separation equipment shall be selected according to different characteristics of ores to achieve the best effect.

2. When conducting zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation, it is necessary to strictly control the operating parameters of the sorting equipment, such as the density of the heavy medium, the rotation speed of the spiral sorting machine, etc., to ensure the sorting effect.

3. When conducting zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation, it is necessary to regularly maintain and maintain the equipment to ensure its normal operation and long-term stability.

4、 Summary

Zirconium titanium gravity beneficiation method is an important method for separating metal minerals, with simple operating steps and significant results. In actual production, it is necessary to select appropriate separation equipment according to the different characteristics of ores, and strictly control the separation parameters to achieve the best results. At the same time, regular maintenance and upkeep should be carried out on the equipment to ensure its normal operation and long-term stability.

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