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Zinc oxide beneficiation process

Zinc oxide beneficiation process

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Zinc oxide beneficiation process

Zinc oxide beneficiation processComplete equipment configuration

Ball mill, circular vibrating screen, spiral classifier, shaker, flotation machine, etc

Zinc oxide beneficiation process Device image





Zinc oxide beneficiation process introduce

1、 Introduction

The zinc oxide beneficiation process equipment includes ball mills, spiral classifiers, barrel screens, shakers, etc. Its characteristic is to use zinc oxide as raw material to change the particle size, particle size control, slurry concentration, and shaker slope of low-grade ores. Under the impact of clean water, the slurry is beneficiated by grading the shaker classification box to obtain zinc concentrate. The outstanding advantages of zinc oxide beneficiation method are low environmental pollution, large processing capacity, low investment, good benefits, and the ability to convert tailings into profits.

2、 Process flow

The zinc oxide beneficiation method adopts the gravity separation method, and the zinc oxide beneficiation process flow is as follows:

1. Using zinc oxide as the raw material, it is ground by a ball mill and decomposed into mineral particles with a size of less than 100mm;

2. Crushed ore with a particle size of over 30mm is selected through a circular vibrating screen for secondary crushing and grinding, and ore with a particle size of 6-10mm is selected. After desilting, zinc concentrate can be obtained;

3. After screening, use a ball mill to grind the ore with a particle size of 1.2. After spiral grading and threshing, it enters a shaker for rough separation to obtain zinc concentrate and secondary concentrate;

4. Vibrate and screen out zinc concentrate smaller than 0.037mm;

5. Produce zinc ore powder from zinc concentrate through a dryer.

3、 Technical Description

According to the different minerals it contains, zinc ore can be divided into sulfide ore and oxide ore. Due to the increasing depletion of sulfide ore, the development of the latest beneficiation technology for zinc oxide is gradually receiving attention. The flotation separation of zinc oxide minerals from gangue minerals containing calcium, magnesium, and iron at room temperature has always been a challenge. Due to the interaction between dissolved components and mineral surfaces, resulting in mineral surface transformation, the flotation separation of zinc oxide minerals from gangue minerals containing calcium, magnesium, and iron is particularly difficult. At present, the flotation of the latest zinc oxide beneficiation technology mostly adopts sulfide flotation process, in which lead oxide mainly adopts xanthate flotation after sulfidation, while zinc oxide recovery mainly adopts heating sulfuration, xanthate flotation after Copper(II) sulfate activation, or fatty amine flotation after sulfidation.

Zinc oxide beneficiation process

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