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Beneficiation process flow of Hematite

Beneficiation process flow of Hematite

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Beneficiation process flow of Hematite

Beneficiation process flow of HematiteComplete equipment configuration

Jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, flotation machine, thickener, dryer, etc

Beneficiation process flow of Hematite Device image





Beneficiation process flow of Hematite introduce

1、 Introduction

The Hematite beneficiation process is the process of using a series of beneficiation equipment to conduct magnetic separation of iron ore to treat the beneficiation concentrate. The design of the production line of Hematite beneficiation method has passed strict test and practice, and the production capacity can also meet the needs of users. The beneficiation concentrate has high grade, which has brought considerable economic benefits to users. The minerals selected from the production line of Hematite beneficiation method contain a large amount of water, so they must be preliminarily concentrated by a thickener, and then dried by a dryer to obtain dry iron ore.

2、 Process equipment

The wet beneficiation equipment for Hematite ore is mainly composed of jaw crusher, ball mill, grader, magnetic separator, flotation machine, thickener, dryer and other equipment. Together with feeder, elevator and conveyor, a complete production line of Hematite wet beneficiation equipment is formed. The wet beneficiation equipment for Hematite ore has the advantages of environmental protection, low energy, high processing capacity and reasonable economy.

3、 Equipment characteristics

Iron ore is iron oxide, heavy and hard. Iron ore contains up to 70% iron and can be exported in large quantities, making it an important type of iron ore. The name of iron ore is derived from its dark red color. In order to select hematite ore, it is necessary to use a very high magnetic field and break the mineral into very fine ones to separate the iron. The iron ore magnetic separator adopts high strength magnetic full magnetic roller, the magnetic field strength can reach 16000 gauss, and the magnetic roller diameter is 100-500. Different types of Hematite dressing equipment can be equipped according to the processing capacity. The Hematite ore dressing equipment has the advantages of less power consumption, easy dragging of the whole machine, and large processing capacity.

Wet beneficiation equipment for Hematite can be divided into dry Hematite beneficiation equipment and water Hematite beneficiation equipment. The dry Hematite beneficiation equipment is generally used for primary beneficiation to save the workload of the ball mill and prepare for primary beneficiation. The feed particle size can reach 2mm-5mm. The water separation Hematite processing equipment is generally used for cleaning iron powder. According to the different particle sizes of ore properties, magnetic separation can be carried out between 30-200 meshes, and the grade of the selected concentrate can reach 50-60.

4、 Process steps

Weak magnetic selection is combined with selection, flotation and strong magnetic selection, that is, weak magnetic rotation is used to recover magnetite for selection, flotation or strong magnetic selection to recover weak word iron minerals. Magnetization burning magnetic separation method or parallel flow with other methods is similar to the magnetization and combustion of single weak magnetic ore, but in the parallel flow of magnetization and burning magnetic selection and other beneficiation methods, the selective flocculation desliming method combining weak magnetic selection with other methods is used for fine ore.

5、 Process flow and advantages

1. The equipment configuration is reasonable and scientific, and the whole set of Hematite beneficiation process has less investment and short recovery cycle;

2. The Hematite beneficiation process is environmentally friendly and energy-saving in operation, with a high degree of automation, which can bring unexpected economic benefits to users;

3. Compared with the traditional beneficiation process, the Hematite beneficiation method improves the beneficiation efficiency on the one hand, and improves the beneficiation accuracy on the other hand.

Beneficiation process flow of Hematite

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