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Fluorite ore beneficiation process

Fluorite ore beneficiation process

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Fluorite ore beneficiation process

Fluorite ore beneficiation processComplete equipment configuration

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Fluorite ore beneficiation process introduce

1、 Introduction

Fluorite ore exists in various forms in nature, and different forms have different beneficiation processes. During the beneficiation process, appropriate fluorite ore beneficiation processes should be selected based on the type of fluorite ore, in order to achieve high grade fluorite ore. Through the comprehensive utilization of fluorite ore, resource waste can be reduced and the value of fluorite ore can be improved. Therefore, a reasonable fluorite ore beneficiation process flow is needed. Jinqiang conducted research on the mineral composition and characteristics of fluorite ore, and ultimately designed a scientific fluorite ore beneficiation production line and equipment. Several methods of fluorite ore beneficiation process flow were introduced, and the method of fluorite ore production line application flow chart was provided.

The main type of fluorite ore in China is quartz type. The quartz type fluorite ore is mainly divided into Calcite type, Baryte type and sulfide type fluorite ore type fluorite ore. Therefore, this paper analyzes several fluorite beneficiation methods for fluorite ore.

2、 Beneficiation method

1. Beneficiation method of Calcite fluorite:

In the Calcite type fluorite ore, the Calcite content is as high as about 30%, containing a small amount of quartz, and finally forming quartz Calcite type ore. The difficulty of fluorite beneficiation method in treating such fluorite ores lies in that Calcite and fluorite contain calcium minerals, and the mineral surface has similar physical and chemical properties. In the process of processing and separation, conversion between minerals is easy to occur, never causing the problem of ore grade decline. In the process of Calcite fluorite ore dressing, the method of adjusting pulp PH value and using chemical substances such as collectors can effectively improve the dressing effect. When the PH value is in the range of 8-9.5, oleic acid is used as the collector to effectively float the two ores. In weak acid medium, Calcite has little floatability, and Calcite can be restrained by combination of water glass, saline water glass or acidified water glass to finally achieve separation.

2. Beneficiation method of Baryte fluorite:

Baryte type fluorite ore is mainly composed of Baryte and fluorite, of which Baryte content is up to 10-40%, accompanied by Pyrite, Galena, Sphalerite and other sulfide minerals. The difficulty of Baryte fluorite beneficiation lies in the difficulty of beneficiation. During beneficiation, Baryte and fluorite are difficult to separate due to their similar floatability. The beneficiation method of Baryte fluorite generally adopts the mixed flotation process, which combines reagents to adjust the PH value of pulp, takes oleic acid and water glass as the main raw materials, oleic acid and water glass as the raw materials, and adjusts the concentration of reagents. Finally, after obtaining the mixed concentrate of fluorite ore and Baryte, the flotation method is used to separate Baryte and fluorite, and complete the final beneficiation.

3. Sulfide type fluorite beneficiation technology:

The composition of pyrite type fluorite ore is similar to that of quartz type fluorite ore, but the difference lies in the high content of metal sulfides in this type of fluorite ore. Some fluorite ores contain lead, zinc, etc., which can reach industrial grade. The development of sulfide type fluorite ore should consider its recovery problem. The sulfur type fluorite beneficiation technology generally uses sulfide ore collectors to select metal sulfide minerals, and then floats and recovers fluorite together with fatty acid collectors from various countries. After completing the above operations, valuable metal and fluorite beneficiation technology processes are completed using leaching and other processes, and fluorite is flotation and recovered together with fatty acid collectors from various countries, achieving comprehensive recovery of high-quality fluorite and fluorite.

3、 Beneficiation equipment

1. Beneficiation equipment for Calcite fluorite ore

In the process of fluorite beneficiation, the PH value of Calcite fluorite ore is mainly adjusted by adjusting the PH value. In the process of fluorite beneficiation technology, fluorite ore beneficiation equipment such as agitation tank, flotation machine and flotation machine should be used. In the process of fluorite beneficiation, the multi-stage grinding method should be used. In the process of fluorite beneficiation technology, fluorite ore beneficiation equipment such as crusher, feeder and ball mill should be mainly used, Provide appropriate block size for the flotation process.

2. Baryte type fluorite ore dressing equipment:

Suggestion for fluorite beneficiation technology: fluorite beneficiation equipment: flotation machine.

3. Sulfur type fluorite ore beneficiation equipment:

Suggestion for fluorite beneficiation technology: fluorite ore beneficiation equipment: reagent stirring tank, flotation machine, etc.

Fluorite ore beneficiation process

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