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Manganese ore beneficiation process flow

Manganese ore beneficiation process flow

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Manganese ore beneficiation process flow

Manganese ore beneficiation process flowComplete equipment configuration

Vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, silo, pendulum feeder, ball mill, jig, shaker, spiral classifier, high-frequency screen, mixing bucket, flotation machine, thickener, ore washing machi

Manganese ore beneficiation process flow Device image






Manganese ore beneficiation process flow introduce

1、 Introduction

The vast majority of manganese ores in our country belong to lean ores, including manganese ore, black manganese ore, Pyrolusite, Hollandite, Rhodochrosite, Braunite, etc. The manganese ore dressing equipment must be used for manganese ore dressing process treatment. However, due to the fact that most manganese ores are fine or micro particle embedded, and have a large amount of high phosphorus ore, high iron ore, and co (accompanying) beneficial metals, the manganese ore beneficiation process is very difficult to process.

2、 Manganese ore beneficiation equipment

There are many large and small manganese ore beneficiation equipment in the entire production line of manganese ore beneficiation method. Here, we will introduce important manganese ore beneficiation equipment, including vibration feeders, polyethylene jaw crushers, polyethylene jaw crushers, vibration screens, silos, pendulum feeders, electromagnetic vibration feeders, ball mills, spiral classifiers, high-frequency screens, mixing drums, flotation machines, high-efficiency thickeners, filter presses, filters, dryers, etc.

3、 Applicable scope

Manganese ore dressing method of weak magnetic minerals, such as Hematite, Limonite, Ilmenite, Wolframite, tantalum niobium ore, etc. Non metallic manganese ore beneficiation methods for iron removal and purification, such as quartz, feldspar, nepheline, fluorite, sillimanite, lithium sulfide, kaolin, etc.

4、 Main processes

The commonly used manganese ore beneficiation processes currently include: manganese ore beneficiation process washing process, manganese ore beneficiation process screening process, manganese ore beneficiation process gravity separation process, manganese ore beneficiation process strong magnetic separation process, manganese ore beneficiation process flotation process, as well as pyrometallurgical enrichment and chemical selection.

1. Ore washing and screening process

The manganese ore beneficiation method is to use hydraulic flushing or additional mechanical scrubbing to separate the ore from the mud. Commonly used manganese ore beneficiation equipment includes washing screens, cylindrical washing machines, and trough washing machines. The manganese ore beneficiation method usually accompanies the washing operation with screening. For example, washing directly with water on the vibrating screen, or sending the ore sand (clean ore) obtained from the washing machine to the vibrating screen for screening. As a vertical operation, screening can provide products with different particle sizes and grades for different purposes.

2. Re-selection process

At present, the manganese ore beneficiation technology gravity separation process is only used to select manganese ore with simple structure and coarse embedded particle size. The manganese ore beneficiation technology gravity separation process is particularly suitable for high-density oxidized manganese ore. The commonly used methods include heavy medium manganese ore production line beneficiation, jigging manganese ore production line beneficiation, and shaking table manganese ore production line beneficiation. The current process for processing manganese oxide ore production lines in China generally involves crushing the ore to 6-0mm or 10-0mm, and then grouping it into groups, coarse jigging, and fine feeding to a shaking table for selection. The manganese ore dressing equipment is mostly Sawtooth wave type and 6-S type shakers.

3. High intensity magnetic separation process

Manganese mineral is a weakly magnetic mineral (with a specific magnetization coefficient of X=10× 10-6~600× 10-6cm3/g), which can be recycled in a strong magnetic field separator with a magnetic field strength of Ho=800~1600kA/m (10000~20000oe), and can generally increase manganese grade by 4%~10%. Due to the simple operation, convenient control, and strong adaptability of manganese ore beneficiation technology, the strong magnetic separation process can be used for the selection of various manganese ores. In recent years, the strong magnetic separation process of manganese ore beneficiation production lines has occupied a dominant position in manganese ore beneficiation. Various new types of strong magnetic machines with coarse, medium, and fine particles have been successfully developed. At present, the medium particle high intensity magnetic separator is widely used in domestic manganese ore, and coarse and fine particle high intensity magnetic separators are gradually being applied. Micro particle high intensity magnetic separators are still in the experimental stage.

4. Gravity magnetic separation process

At present, the newly built and renovated manganese ore beneficiation technology heavy magnetic separation plants in China include manganese mines such as Fujian Liancheng, Guangxi Longtou, Jingxi, and Thunderbolt. For example, the Liancheng Manganese Mine Heavy Magnetic Separation Plant mainly processes leached oxidized manganese ore, and uses an AM-30 jig to process 30-3mm washing ore to obtain high-quality manganese ore with a manganese content of over 40%. Then, impurities are manually removed, which can be used as raw materials for battery manganese powder. After eliminating tailings and grinding washing ore with a diameter of less than 3mm to less than 1m, manganese ore beneficiation technology using a strong magnetic separator should be used for selection. The grade of manganese ore should be increased by 24% -25%, reaching 36% -40%.

5. Strong magnetic flotation.

At present, only Zunyi Manganese Mine adopts the manganese ore beneficiation method and strong magnetic flotation technology. The ore is a low manganese, low phosphorus, high iron manganese ore dominated by manganese carbonate. The main equipment for gravity manganese ore beneficiation in manganese ore is a jig, and sometimes a shaking table is also used. However, due to the inability of its selected particle size and processing capacity to meet the requirements of large-scale production, the application of the shaking table in gravity manganese ore beneficiation equipment is very extensive. Especially with the successful emergence of large skip machines, the application of gravity manganese ore beneficiation equipment has become more widespread. Jumping machine is a manganese ore beneficiation equipment that uses the difference in specific gravity (density) between minerals and waste rock for separation. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, large beneficiation particle size, and wide beneficiation particle size.

The magnetic separation process flow of manganese oxide ore beneficiation method mainly uses a strong magnetic separator to perform magnetic separation on medium and fine particle manganese ore, which is suitable for manganese oxide ore embedded in medium and fine particles. The crushing and screening processes are the same as the gravity separation process, and the manganese ore beneficiation equipment used mainly includes: crushers, high-efficiency impact crushers, vibrating screens, manganese ore strong magnetic separators, etc.

Manganese ore beneficiation process flow

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