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Molybdenum ore beneficiation process flow

Molybdenum ore beneficiation process flow

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Molybdenum ore beneficiation process flow

Molybdenum ore beneficiation process flowComplete equipment configuration

Jaw crusher, vibrating feeder, ball mill, spiral classifier, mixing bucket, flotation machine, thickener, etc

Molybdenum ore beneficiation process flow Device image





Molybdenum ore beneficiation process flow introduce

1、 Process adoption

The main process of molybdenum ore beneficiation is flotation. When selecting molybdenum ores containing trace amounts of copper, some mixed priority flotation processes were used.

2、 Specific process

1. Three crushing processes, including coarse crushing, secondary crushing, and fine crushing;

2. The vibrating feeder evenly feeds the ore and sends it to the ball mill for crushing.

3. Secondary ball mill grinding.

In the case of rough grinding, mixed rough selection is carried out, and the obtained coarse concentrate is further refined after grinding. Re grinding of coarse concentrate reduces the amount and can achieve mineral monomer separation. While obtaining high-grade and high recovery concentrate, it saves energy consumption, reduces energy consumption by 30%, and increases recovery rate by more than 10%.

4. Graded homework.

Two rough selections and multiple selection of the operation process. Send the materials and chemicals into the mixing drum for full mixing, send them to the flotation machine for flotation operation, strictly implement the reagent system in the roughing section, control the dosage of reagents, achieve early harvest, make full use of the secondary enrichment of foam to reduce multiple cycles and useless losses, and properly flush the concentrate foam without adding water

Note: The molybdenum ore production line can be used for single molybdenum ore or difficult to select molybdenum ore with complex properties, close coexistence with sulfide minerals, and fine particle size.

3、 Molybdenum ore beneficiation equipment

Firstly, a jaw crusher is a crushing equipment for molybdenum ore beneficiation methods

In order to achieve good grinding effect and improve flotation accuracy, two-stage crushing processing is generally used. Firstly, the large-scale molybdenum ore production line undergoes coarse crushing in the jaw crusher and is evenly sent to the impact crusher for further medium to fine crushing treatment. Then, a circular vibrating screen is used to reasonably screen and divide into various specifications. Unqualified materials are sent back for further crushing, and materials that meet the conditions are sent to the next stage.

Secondly, molybdenum ore ball mills are grinding equipment for molybdenum ore beneficiation methods

The processing capacity of the molybdenum ore beneficiation ball mill is 0.65-615t/h, and the feed particle size is less than 25mm. The function of a molybdenum ore ball mill is to separate gangue from molybdenum ore through grinding.

Thirdly, the spiral classifier is a classification process for molybdenum ore beneficiation methods.

The molybdenum ore slurry after grinding by the ball mill on the molybdenum ore production line is fed into the spiral classifier for grading operation. Qualified slurry enters the material bin, and unqualified slurry returns to the ball mill for regrinding.

Fourthly, flotation machines are flotation equipment for molybdenum ore beneficiation methods

It is recommended to use XJK, SF, or JJF flotation machines for molybdenum ore beneficiation methods. Flotation is an important operational process in the beneficiation process of molybdenum ore, so the process requirements should be strictly followed to ensure the quality of molybdenum concentrate.

Fifth, thickeners are dehydration equipment for molybdenum ore beneficiation methods

The flotation molybdenum concentrate contains water and needs to enter a thickener for preliminary concentration and dehydration, where a thickener is required.

Molybdenum ore beneficiation process flow

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