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vibrating sieve chute

vibrating sieve chute

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vibrating sieve chute

vibrating sieve chute Equipment and materials

Feed particle size:<20mm

Equipment processing capacity:20-35m3/h

Production materials:Mainly used for selecting non-ferrous metals such as gold, diamonds, tin, tungsten, tantalum niobium, iron, rare earth, etc

vibrating sieve chute Device image




vibrating sieve chute Equipment

1、 Introduction

The vibrating sieve chute is a new type of placer gold ore sorting machine that has been scientifically researched based on the general fixed and immovable chute. The gold mining vibrating sieve chute combines the advantages of fixed fixed and fixed flow channels and jigs, eliminating the defects of easy agglomeration in fixed and fixed flow channels and the insufficient output rate of jigs, thus obtaining the characteristic of low output rate but not easy agglomeration.

2、 Characteristics

Most of them have preserved the original characteristics of fixed fixed flow channels, and the original iron base plate has been changed to a vulcanized rubber base plate. In addition, a simple axial force is added to stir up the organization, causing the vulcanized rubber base plate to move up and down repeatedly. The diaphragm effect of each slide is similar to that of a jig. Furthermore, it solved the agglomeration problem of the slide and improved the utilization rate of gold. Because the stirring chute for gold mining interrupts the discharge of titanium concentrate, the aggregation must be several to ten times higher than that of a jig.

3、 Equipment construction

The vibrating sieve chute is composed of a feeding chute, a part of the chute, a vulcanized rubber substrate, a stirring frame, an axial force stirring system software, a transmission mechanism, a sound card rack, and other parts.

4、 Working principle

When the ore dressing vibrating sieve chute is working, the coal slurry is most advanced to the feed chute. The total width of the feed chute is the same as the total width of the flow chute, slightly lower than the bed of the flow chute, and has the function of buffering and distributing coal slurry, preventing the coal slurry from immediately impacting the bed. After the coal slurry enters the flow channel, it is screened. The chute is made of 40 * 40 angle iron, with a 50mm wide thick steel plate welded by electric welding on top and at a 0 degree angle with the river surface, which can cause very large vortices during the fluidity of coal slurry. The upper grid board is also produced and processed with elliptical holes that overlap and sort each other. The key function is to make the light minerals in the alluvial material under the board discharge from the hole under the stirring effect. The front side of the elliptical hole is equipped with a blocking iron to avoid coarse sand and gravel blocking the elliptical hole.

The bottom plate of the vibrating sieve chute for selecting tin ore is made of natural rubber, and the rubber pad is driven by a motor to drive the reducer and agitator organization, driving the agitator frame to repeatedly move up and down, and then the rubber pad also performs up and down fitness exercises. According to the repeated movements, the light and heavy minerals in the coal slurry are layered, and the alluvial material continues to remain loose, which is beneficial for the acquisition of heavy mineral substances. The coal slurry undergoes a 2800 Mm long screening process, with heavy minerals and gold particles accumulating at the bottom of the chute, while light minerals continue to be discharged from the tail end. Because the agitation organization was designed on the chute, the flow channel maintained a stable screening situation throughout the long-term selection process.

5、 Application

The vibrating sieve chute for selecting tin ore can be used as a gold mining system software application in sand mining and gold mining ships, mobile gold mining machines, mobile gold mining equipment, battlefield sand washing machines, and other external devices.

vibrating sieve chute Technical Parameter


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