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gold sluice

gold sluice

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gold sluice

gold sluice Equipment and materials

Feed particle size:0.074-2mm

Equipment processing capacity:1000-1200m³/d

Production materials:Suitable for extracting gold from tailings areas and placers with low gold content and small particles

gold sluice Device image



gold sluice Equipment

1、 Introduction

gold sluice is one of the most popular gold selection equipment, which is generally composed of a flow channel body, flow channel lattice, and a sticky gold blanket. The sticky gold ore sorting chute is used in placer gold sorting plants and is commonly used in conjunction with vibrating screens for immediate gold jewelry recycling.

2、 Advantages and Features

1. High quality and low price, compared to other gold selection equipment, its price is extremely low

2. The installation is very easy, and the use and operation of the sticky gold ore selection chute are simple, with a reasonable structure, high compressive strength, and strong disassemblability, which is conducive to transportation and demolition

3. Maintenance is very easy, just remove and replace the sticky gold blanket, and its service life is long and the price is cheap

4. Large output, with a total width of one meter and a length of four meters, which can solve 5 tons of raw ore per hour. In addition, customers can customize various different specifications and models of chutes according to customer regulations;

5. No driving force, which can save the cost of the beneficiation plant

3、 Other gold selection equipment

Although there are many advantages of the sticky gold ore dressing chute, the sticky gold blanket chute requires it to have a weaker actual effect on the beneficiation plant with block gold in fine placer gold, and overall, the utilization rate of the chute is less than 70%. Therefore, more and more mines are choosing more excellent gold separation equipment nowadays, such as using drum launders, jigs, or centrifugal dewatering machines in ore dressing plants to improve the utilization rate of gold separation.

gold sluice Technical Parameter

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