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Dehydration vibrating screen

Dehydration vibrating screen

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Dehydration vibrating screen

Dehydration vibrating screen Equipment and materials

Feed particle size:<400mm

Equipment processing capacity:8-800m3/h

Production materials:River pebbles, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz, coal gangue, construction waste, etc

Dehydration vibrating screen Device image




Dehydration vibrating screen Equipment

1、 Introduction

The dewatering vibrating screen for concentrate is a kind of vibration grade classification machine and equipment produced by Jinqiang, which is specialized in desliming, media removal and dewatering of the cleaning plant. Mining dewatering vibrating screens are generally suitable for coal powder procurement, filter press separation, filtration separation, and other processing standards for dewatering and procurement of ultra-fine raw materials.

2、 Working principle

The vertical vibrator or double clip check valve vibrator used for concentrate dewatering and vibrating screening is rotated reversely and synchronously by two motors in the same direction, so that the screen body moves regularly and repeatedly along the direction of parallel lines, so as to achieve the goal of classified dewatering.

3、 Features and Benefits

1. In addition to possessing various high-quality characteristics and functions of general dewatering screens, dewatering screens are often used in conjunction with dense machines to carry out tailings pond dry discharge, making them the current dewatering screens and tailings pond dry discharge machinery and equipment.

2. The screen body baffle and all connecting beams should be riveted with a mandrel.

3. The screening powder adopts a control module type stainless steel plate or polyurethane material slot screening plate, with a mesh diameter smaller than 0.1 millimeters.

4. The screen has a light weight and is easy to disassemble, which is conducive to maintenance and upkeep.

5. The rapper shall be a vertical rapper or a side vibration clamp check valve rapper, and the rapper shall be lubricated with grease or thin oil.

6. The overall compressive strength of the screen frame, high Bending stiffness, long service life, stable operation, low noise, and convenient maintenance.

7. The entire mechanical structure is reasonable, with high processing accuracy, durability, excellent dehydration effect, high application efficiency, and reliable reliability.

8. Strong screening and problem-solving skills, with high screening efficiency.

9. Conduct dynamic performance optimization on the screen frame structure.

10. According to the number of stacked layers, the design scheme can be divided into two layers or one side.

4、 Structure

The high-frequency vibrating screen for concentrate dewatering is composed of a vibration source, screen body, screen mesh, shock absorption equipment, and support frame.

Dehydration vibrating screen Technical Parameter


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