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Water washing drum screen

Water washing drum screen

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Water washing drum screen

Water washing drum screen Equipment and materials

Feed particle size:0-150mm

Equipment processing capacity:10-300t/h

Production materials:Used for grading powdery materials, with good filtering effect and a 60-200 mesh sieve mesh

Water washing drum screen Device image




Water washing drum screen Equipment

1、 Introduction

The water washing drum sand screening machine imitates the principle of using sloping stainless steel mesh to screen sand by manpower. It selects a flat rolling sieve cylinder and ensures that the material flow can continue to roll five times above the spiral dragon blades in multiple circles of the sieve cylinder, thereby continuously rolling and separating the sand material into sufficient discrete variables; Different from the size selection and embedding caused by the inclined rolling screen, the entire screening process is hasty; It is also different from the size, material vibration, and wrong material of the inclined vibrating screen.

2、 Composition and classification

The large-scale drum water washing and sand screening equipment consists of a ship shell, a sand screening frame, a reducer, a conveyor belt, a rotary screen, a car engine or a generator set, etc. Easy to construct, economically viable, and easy to operate. At present, manufacturers of manual water washing drum sand screening machines are roughly divided into manual sand screening machines, water washing manual sand screening machines, vibrating screen sand screening machines, and so on.

3、 Principle

The forklift shovel the material into the loading bin; Transferred to the rotary screen through a conveyor belt; Rotate the sieve to separate the material; The crushed stones are passed into the sand through the feeding port; The crushed stones are transmitted into the crushed stone work through the feeding port. Each class consists of 1 to 2 people for practical operation. This model is easy to construct, economically viable, and easy to operate.

4、 Equipment function

1. The sanding equipment inside the rolling sieve cylinder can crush and scatter the agglomerated sand blocks.

2. The surface cleaning equipment installed on the rolling stainless steel screen surface can independently remove the adhered gravel soil to prevent clogging of the mesh

Note: These two items are particularly effective in addressing the high water content and soil content of sand, which is a common phenomenon in the current construction sand market demand.

5、 Installation precautions

1. Large drum water washing and sand screening equipment should be installed on a level concrete foundation and fixed with anchor screws.

2. Pay attention to the verticality of the main body and level during installation.

3. After installation, check if the anchor bolts at each position are loose and if the server compartment door is tightened. If necessary, come and tighten it.

4. Equipped with power plugs and automatic switches according to the driving force of the large drum water washing and sand screening equipment.

5. After the inspection is completed, carry out an empty load trial run. Once everything is normal during the trial run, production and manufacturing can begin.

Water washing drum screen Technical Parameter


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