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Mobile drum screen

Mobile drum screen

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Mobile drum screen

Mobile drum screen Equipment and materials

Feed particle size:0-150mm

Equipment processing capacity:30-260t/h

Production materials:Used for grading powdery materials, with good screening effect, 60-200 mesh screen, and movable equipment

Mobile drum screen Device image




Mobile drum screen Equipment

1、 Introduction

Mobile drum sand screening machine, also known as mobile drum stone screening machine, is a drum screen that can use building steel bars, punching machine stainless steel mesh as the screen body. The mobile drum sand screening machine or mobile drum stone screening machine is not easy to block the stainless steel screen during the entire screening process, which is convenient for maintenance, high screening rate, and large output. It is a popular selection machine equipment.

2、 Application

Mobile drum sand screening machines and mobile drum stone screening machines are suitable for screening soil and stone, mud mixed with stone, sand and stone mixed materials, such as silicon ore, melon seed flakes, pebbles, granite, dolomite, soil mixed with stone, materials, waste stones, urban garbage, indoor decoration waste, etc.

3、 Working principle

When the raw materials rotate with the mobile drum sand screening machine or mobile drum stone screening machine on the screen body, the impact energy of the stones on the screen body cannot be underestimated, and all normal manganese steel screen materials are as vulnerable to this kind of stone as if they were coated with a layer of paper. The application of building steel bars or thick steel plate punching machines as screen bodies for screening stones is suitable, but it not only improves the service life of the screen body, reduces the maintenance rate of mobile drum sand screening machines or mobile drum stone screening machines, and improves customer profitability.

Mobile drum screen Technical Parameter


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