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Trough type ore washing machine

Trough type ore washing machine

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Trough type ore washing machine

Trough type ore washing machine Equipment and materials

Feed particle size:0-70mm

Equipment processing capacity:20-200t/h

Production materials:It can be combined with a ball mill to form a closed circuit circulation path and split flow separation of ore sand, or used in gravity beneficiation plants to classify ore sand and fine mud.

Trough type ore washing machine Device image




Trough type ore washing machine Equipment

1、 Introduction

The slot type spiral ore washing machine can prevent sand in the raw materials of sand minerals from blocking, crushing, and screening equipment. If the raw materials contain soluble, effective, or hazardous ingredients, ore washing should also be carried out.

2、 Principle

Trough type ore washing machines are commonly used for washing various easy to wash and difficult to wash iron ores. If the sand content in iron ore is above 20%, it will cause blockage to the crusher and flow channel. Iron ore with sand content above 20% can be spiral mixed and cleaned in the sand washing machine to achieve the separation of iron ore and mud. The cleaned iron ore is discharged from the discharge port, and sludge is discharged from the tailings pond end. The combination of ore washing machine equipment and drum sand washing machine is a relatively reasonable ore washing machine equipment at present to solve the problem of difficult to wash iron ore.

3、 Application

Slot spiral ore washing machines are commonly used in fields such as mining, coal and carbon, smelters, etc. The trough type ore washing machine is a large and medium-sized machine and equipment used for cleaning iron ore and sandstone materials in the metallurgical industry, mining, steel, metallurgical industry, chemical plants, and decorative building materials of gray black and non-ferrous plates. It is an ideal machine and equipment for companies with large production capacity and regulations on the cleanliness of iron ore and sandstone materials.

Trough type ore washing machine Technical Parameter


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