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Spiral ore washing machine

Spiral ore washing machine

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Spiral ore washing machine

Spiral ore washing machine Equipment and materials

Feed particle size:0-70mm

Equipment processing capacity:20-200t/h

Production materials:A ball mill can be used in conjunction with a closed circuit circulation system for process separation and separation of ore sand. In addition, it can also be applied to gravity beneficiation plants f

Spiral ore washing machine Device image




Spiral ore washing machine Equipment

1、 Introduction

The spiral ore washing machine is mainly used for washing manganese ore, iron ore, phosphate ore, and other minerals. Used for cleaning and separating sludge and stains from manganese ore, iron ore, and other low-grade minerals, with a large processing capacity, easy installation, simple operation, low cost, and high efficiency. The mineral washing machine has a long spiral body, good sealing system, simple structure, strong processing capacity, and convenient maintenance. The characteristics of low water content and mud content in sand production. Widely used in various ore mining industries.

2、 Working principle

The ore washing machine uses a reducer to drive two spiral stirring shafts to rotate in different directions. The minerals entering the tank are forcefully stirred by the blades and washed with clean water. Sewage is discharged from the overflow surface at the tail of the tank, and the washed minerals are discharged upwards along the inclination angle of the blades.

3、 Application

The ore washing machine is suitable for desilting operations in construction sites, sand and gravel factories, concrete prefabrication plants, and water and electricity construction sites where a large amount of sand and gravel is used. The spiral ore washing machine can also be used for ore washing, grading, and dehydration. It can be done in a scrubbing machine or in screening and grading equipment.

Spiral ore washing machine Technical Parameter


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