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Hydraulic classification box

Hydraulic classification box

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Hydraulic classification box

Hydraulic classification box Equipment and materials

Feed particle size:2-3mm

Equipment processing capacity:5-8t/h

Production materials:Widely used for hydraulic classification before shaking table sorting

Hydraulic classification box Device image




Hydraulic classification box Equipment

1、 Introduction

Hydraulic classification box | A hydraulic classifier is an iron pyramid box with a wedge-shaped sand bar installed at the upper end and a water pump bottom valve for the classification box at the lower end. Generally, a series of grading boxes with a total width ranging from 200mm to 800mm are connected by a general stainless steel water tank, and the sediment is discharged from coarse to fine.

2、 Application

The hydraulic grader is widely used in the hydraulic grade classification work before the shaking table separation, which has the effect of grade classification and mineral quantity distribution, so as to improve the separation efficiency of the shaking table. The hydraulic classification box has the advantages of simple structure, easy maintenance, no driving force consumption, reliable characteristics, and convenient practical operation.

A hydraulic classifier can be used for cleaning clay minerals; As an auxiliary work, it can be used for the prior classification, inspection classification, manipulation classification of the grinding circulation system, or for dehydration and desliming; As a preparation in advance, it can be used for the classification of grades before shaking table sorting; At the same time, it is also a key way to check the raw material of fine sand (grain size distribution composition (water like segregation).

3、 Working principle

During the work process, the basic fitness exercise shape of the mineral particles is foundation settlement. For example, in the process of increasing material flow, if the settling speed of mineral particles is equivalent to increasing water flow speed, this part of mineral particles will float. This is also the critical state of upward or downward movement of mineral particles. The particle size distribution of this kind of mineral particles is called critical value particle size distribution or separated particle size distribution. Mineral particles with a settling speed lower than the increased water flow speed will be broken down by the water flow and become overflow type; Mineral particles with settling speed exceeding the increased water flow speed will move downwards and become settling sand.

Hydraulic classification box Technical Parameter


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