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cylindrical screening machines

cylindrical screening machines

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cylindrical screening machines

cylindrical screening machines Equipment and materials

Feed particle size:0-150mm

Equipment processing capacity:10-300t/h

Production materials:Used for grading powdery materials, with good filtering effect and a 60-200 mesh sieve mesh

cylindrical screening machines Device image





cylindrical screening machines Equipment

1、 Working principle

After the raw materials are fed into the cylinder, they will be driven by the rotating cylinder and fall down. This type of personal behavior will continue to operate along the cylinder. Fine particles will be screened through the circular hole and discharged from the material guide groove, while coarse particles will continue to exercise forward until they are discharged from the tail end of the cylinder sieve.

2、 Characteristics

The cylindrical stone screening machine provides a simple, efficient, and economically developed solution for a variety of raw materials, and also enhances the subsequent beneficiation technology. This type of approach is beneficial for reducing actual operational process flow, reducing project investment costs, and improving product quality, while allowing for rapid and large-scale production and processing. After being solved, raw materials can directly enter various mining machinery and equipment, such as centrifugal concentrators, spiral chutes, jigs, etc.

3、 Advantages of cylindrical sieve

1. Efficient screening solutions for economic development;

2. The equipment of the heavy-duty cylindrical screen manufacturer is equipped with a scraper in front of the cylinder, making it easier for the raw materials to be dispersed;

3 screens with different mesh sizes can be selected;

4 double layer screens, easy to remove and replace;

5. High efficiency and strong ability to solve work problems;

6. The unique screen design scheme promotes a longer service life of the drum stone screening machine screen and does not cause blockage;

7.The 7-cylinder stone screening machine is equipped with a super heavy feed hopper;

8. Drive gear pushing equipment.

4、 Applicable scope

1. In the quarry, it is used for grading small and large stones and separating soil and stone powder.

2. It is used for separation of sand and stone in Quarry.

3. The coal industry is used for the separation of lump coal and coal powder, as well as for coal washing (a component of coal washing machinery).

4. Used in the chemical industry and mineral processing industry for the classification and separation of large and small blocks and powdered substances

cylindrical screening machines Technical Parameter


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