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Three disk magnetic separator

Three disk magnetic separator

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Three disk magnetic separator

Three disk magnetic separator Equipment and materials

Feed particle size:0-2mm

Equipment processing capacity:100-500kg/h

Production materials:Suitable for the selection of various metal minerals with magnetic differences, such as rare earth ore, chromite, tungsten, tin ore, limonite, niobium, ilmenite, zircon, rutile, monazite, ore, garnet,

Three disk magnetic separator Device image




Three disk magnetic separator Equipment

1、 Introduction

The disk magnetic separator is composed of five major components: server, shortage equipment, ore collection tank, flow channel, and sound card rack. The principle of the three disk magnetic separator is that the server hard disk is installed in the launder, and the coal slurry is injected from one end of the launder. According to the gap between the hard disk and the hard disk, the magnetic minerals in the coal slurry are absorbed on the surface of the hard disk, and the coal slurry of the remaining non-magnetic minerals is discharged from the other end of the launder. The server roller rotates, absorbing magnetic minerals on the surface of the hard drive to extract the coal slurry level. When it enters the unloading mine, the magnetic minerals on the surface of the magnetic drive are thrown into the ore collection tank by the unloading equipment inserted into the middle of the hard drive gap and rotated, and collected and output by the ore collection tank.

2、 Advantages

1. Electromagnetic field layout: The magnetic field spacing of the hard drive is small, and there is no zero magnetic zone between the hard drive and the hard drive.

2. Unloading: Unloading is a non touch type mandatory unloading, with a powder protective layer left on the surface of the hard drive. The surface of the hard drive is undamaged, and the entire mechanical service life is 8-10 times that of the basic type. At the same time, it also enhances the taste of acquiring magnetic minerals.

3. Large output: The three disk magnetic separator is a professional design solution for selecting tailings ponds. Its structure has the characteristics of solving high flow and low-grade tailings ponds, which is several times or even more than ten times the output of the current disc magnetic separator.

4. High utilization rate: All raw materials in the middle of the hard drive are subject to electromagnetic fields, and roller minerals are fully acquired, resulting in high utilization rate.

5. Water conservation: Due to the use of a unique field layout, magnetic minerals contain a lot of water in the stomach, and the removed minerals exhibit fluidity. Most dry dual disk magnetic separators can fill with water without draining or adding a small amount.

6. Energy saving: A dry double disk magnetic separator can solve the problem of several times or even more than ten times the energy consumption of other general machinery and equipment per unit, with an annual power generation of only a few thousand watts. Therefore, the actual energy-saving effect is significant.

7. Convenient installation: The dry dual disk magnetic separation machine has a large output capacity, a small footprint, and a small difference in material inflow and outflow. It can be installed in most areas with tail flow grooves.

8. High economic returns: The three disk magnetic separator has a small investment, high output rate and economic benefits. The annual output rate and economic benefits are generally several times or even more than ten times the investment of other machinery and equipment projects.

3、 Customization

Our company can design and produce customized disk magnetic separators, dry double disk magnetic separators, and three disk magnetic separators based on customer specific requirements. Provide specific guidance for customers to install and adjust machinery and equipment, and provide training for practical operation personnel.

Three disk magnetic separator Technical Parameter


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